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GORKA URBIZU RUIZ (Lekunberri, Navarre, 1977) is a Basque musician, composer, and producer. Former singer and lead guitarist of the band Berri Txarrak, he is known for his career as a song and lyric writer, among others.

At the early age of 14, he started his first band with the intention of bringing to the stage the songs he wrote on piano. The Navarrese author has since been focused on live concerts and record productions. Besides having given over a thousand concerts around the globe with Berri Txarrak, he has also initiated several interesting projects, showing eclectic musical preferences and a constant musical search. Some of these are KATAMALO (a combination of poetry and acoustic music), and PEIREMANS+ (a band closer to pop melodies).

In January 2024, he has unexpectedly launched the album “Hasiera bat” (A Beginning). It is the first work signed with his own name, an album where illusion and rawness prevail. That is the way Gorka Urbizu has broken the silence of the last several years. During that impasse, however, he has not stopped working; exploring the world of music production, among others, he made his debut in 2022 with the album “Nuevo Cancionero Burgalés” by the band La M.O.D.A. He has also recorded several collaboration works, such as the one for the album “Casa Linda” by the band Cala Vento from Girona.